Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASAP stand for?

ASAP stands for the “AI-driven Structure-enabled Antiviral Platform”, and highlights the central role that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) play, alongside computational chemistry, in accelerating structure-based drug discovery.

How can I stay up to date with ASAP activities and developments?

You can follow ASAP on twitter at @asap_discovery.

What is the origin of ASAP?

The origin of the ASAP Center is described in this news post.

What does ASAP plan to do?

You can find a detailed overview of planned ASAP activities here.

What viral targets will ASAP work on, and how much progress have you made?

We plan to post a list of all viral targets, along with all resources we make openly available to aid the global antiviral discovery community, on this website shortly.

You can find an overview of the progress made by the COVID Moonshot, our predecessor project, at the COVID Moonshot website.

How can I join or collaborate with ASAP?

If you’re interested in joining or collaborating with the ASAP Consortium, please contact PIs John Chodera (MSKCC) <john.chodera@choderalab.org>, Alpha Lee (PostEra) <alpha.lee@postera.ai>, and Ben Perry (DNDi) <bperry@dndi.org>.

How is ASAP funded?

ASAP is currently funded by:


In addition to the above funding, we are grateful to the following organizations for providing us with resources to pursue accelerated drug discovery for the public good: